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Amplifier Repeater

Extending RF using an amplifier repeater.


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Operational maneuvers in subterranean and dense urban settings will increase as populations migrate to urban environments and threats increasingly derive from unpredictable sources. Therefore, it is critical to develop rapidly deployable, affordable, lightweight measures that extend the range of radio frequency systems. Current solutions are economically unrealistic for widespread use, are relatively bulky, often proprietary, and are significantly degraded in subterranean or dense concrete environments.

SOF operators have a need for rapidly deployable, interconnected repeaters that can transmit and receive a 1775-2250 MHz range of RF energy that may include near-real time video, audio, and modulated digital data messages. The system of interconnected repeaters should be easily extendable by inserting additional repeaters.  The goal is not to demodulate the incoming RF signal but to pass on and amplify the raw RF signal, while minimizing signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) decay.  Repeated RF signals must additionally be backhauled cleanly without interfering with one another.


  • Universal RF Repeater handles all possible waveforms, modulations, and frequency hopping in the range of 1775-2250 MHz.
  • Economical/disposable/consumable: cost should be minimal so an operator can effectively abandon repeaters if needed.
  • Multiple repeaters can be linked together to communicate around corners and around dense obstacles.
  • Low power, battery operation that can operate on a single charge for hours in harsh environments.


Specific evaluation criteria in order of importance:

  • Current size, weight, and power (SWaP) considerations and the ability to take these into account in future iterations.
  • Operates in the following range 1775-2250 MHz.
  • Bandwidth (4MHz threshold; 20 MHz Objective).
  • Latency, lower is better < 1ms.
  • Output power capability to hop across repeaters.
  • Waveform fidelity.
  • Must meet FCC part 15 rules for unlicensed wireless equipment.

Prizes will be awarded and announced within 30 days of the challenge closing date (September 10).  Prize amounts for this challenge are:


  • 1st Place: $10,000
  • 2nd Place: $7,500
  • 3rd Place: $5,000


Challenge Deliverables:

Please provide a video to accompany the submission which will allow judges in various locations to review.  There will be a place to provide a link to the video within the submission form.  In addition, please mail the final repeater unit to the following address.

SOFWERX Underground
Attention: TeamWERX
1925 E 2nd Avenue
Suite 102
Tampa, FL 33605

Please post questions throughout the challenge on the Q&A tab. Your submission will be judged on the final submission.

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