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City System-of-Systems Intelligence

Populate a City Systems-of-Systems Intelligence (CSSI) model template from publicly available data about major cities.


CHALLENGE CLOSING: February 15, 2018

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Recent trends toward urbanization decrease the effectiveness of the current military targeting cycle and challenge the military intelligence enterprise when innovative opportunists present themselves as terrorists within cities. A new analytical methodology, unbound from state sovereignty presumptions, is necessary for the intelligence community to understand and identify vulnerabilities that exist within the structure of cities so as to preempt innovative opportunists from disrupting social order. The City System of Systems Intelligence (CSSI) framework is a transferable, scalable methodology to analyze complex adaptive social environments where conflict is likely to be concentrated in the future. As is the case with terrorism, effects must be focused on influencing the structure of the environment and not solely eradication of terrorists. Application of this methodology will present decision makers with better understanding of sovereignty and clarify proportional response options when faced with the cascading deterioration of intra-state conflicts that metastasizes into insurgency.

Your submission to this challenge should include a web-based tool populated with publicly available data, and structured according to the intent of the CSSI Model Template. Specific goals include:

  • Info gathered to support indicators and variables must be publicly available
  • Each system (Physiology, Anatomy, Psyche, & Relational) must be ranked via ordered pair (Scatterplot)
  • Each city must be visually represented via ordered pair (X,Y) or (Capability, Will)
  • Observer should be able to intuitively interpret health of city, city system, city system indicators, and variables supporting each indicator
    • Top layer/window (cities compared)
    • Second layer/window (city systems compared)
    • Third layer/window (system indicators compared)


Please review the following resources:

Submissions must consist of an interactive web application (and supporting backend stack, as necessary) populated with city data according to the CSSI Model.

Specific evaluation criteria includes:

  • Use of open source technology.  Please avoid using proprietary technology for this challenge.
  • Each City evaluated = 78 points
    • Physiology: 20.5 pts
    • Anatomy: 34.5 pts
    • Psyche: 14 pts
    • Relational: 8.5 pts
  • AFRICOM AOR City x2 point multiplier
  • CENTCOM AOR City x2 point multiplier
  • PACOM AOR City x1.5 point multiplier
  • SOUTHCOM AOR City x1.4 point multiplier
  • EUCOM AOR City x1.2 point multiplier

Additional details on the subsystems included below.  Please review the following document (CSSI-Info) as a reference.

  • The Physiology sub-system (Figure 6 – CSSI-Info) is the organic processes and phenomena of the city organism or any of its parts or of a particular city process.
  • The Anatomy sub-system (Figure 7- CSSI-Info) is the structural makeup of the city organism or any of its parts.
  • The Psyche sub-system (Figure 8 – CSSI-Info) is mental or behavioral characteristics of the city.
  • The Relational sub-system (Figure 9 – CSSI-Info) is the properties that hold between an ordered pair of objects.

Please post questions throughout the challenge on the Q&A tab. Your submission will be judged on the final submission.

Prizes will be awarded and announced within 30 days of the challenge closing date.  Prize amounts for this challenge are:

  • First Place: $10,000
  • Second Place: $7,500
  • Third Place: $5,000

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