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Mobile Sensor Data Collection

You have a mobile device, a map with pre-placed sensor locations, and no internet service. Retrieve mission-critical data from the sensors without revealing their locations, using GeoPackage & SOS (Sensor Observation Service) open standards.



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Collecting, combining, and analyzing data from a variety of environmental and infrastructure sensors is routinely done through cloud services and over traditional wired networks. In SOF operations as well as SAR, post-disaster, and public safety scenarios, those networks and services may be degraded or unavailable.

The ability to collect data from pre-placed sensors in the field using mobile devices and standard communication protocols becomes critical in these situations. Collecting this data discreetly, without revealing sensor locations, or when sensors are physically inaccessible is the object of this challenge.

Your challenge submission should read a GeoPackage file containing map features (points) corresponding to sensor locations. Related attribute fields will contain the Sensor Observation Service (SOS) endpoint URI and other required identifiers to access each sensor via OpenSensorHub web services.

When connected to a specified Wi-Fi network (without broader internet connectivity) or directly to a device via Bluetooth, your software should use SOS requests to retrieve sensor observation data, and then parse & store the observations in a related attribute table within the GeoPackage file.

OpenSensorHub (OSH) is an open standards, open source software platform to support virtually any sensor, actuator, or process through the deployment of distributed, interactive sensor hubs. OSH is built upon standards from the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) initiative.

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GeoPackage map file specifications for this challenge:

– Feature layer for sensors
– Related attribute table for query parameters
– Related attribute table for storing sensor reading data
– Must run on android mobile device (phone or tablet), version 7
– Must operate using an existing Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth connection to the OpenSensorHub device, but without internet connectivity
– Software source code must be submitted as a public GitHub repository under the Apache 2.0 license ( or explicitly released into the public domain (
– GitHub repository must include clear build instructions in a top-level README or INSTALL file to produce Android APK and/or installation instructions to reach operational state on Android 7.

Use of other open source libraries and software is permitted provided your entry properly credits these sources.



OGC Sensor Web Enablement, GeoPackage information, draft Related Tables Extension:

Sample data repository:


NGA Open Source GeoPackage software & libraries:
Example code using GeoPackage libraries:

Software will be tested with GeoPackage map files and OSH sensors meeting the challenge specifications but containing unique data.

Software will be evaluated for functionality and ease of use of the following:
(* = top priority functionality required for prize award)

  • Software builds and installs according to supplied instructions *
  • Properly formed requests sent to the OSH unit *
  • Sensor responses read and stored on the device *
  • Store sensor data using the GeoPackage (draft) Related Tables Extension, connected to the corresponding sensor feature point
  • Cross-platform operation, e.g. browser-based solution
  • Additional functionality & UI/UX features addressing ease of use in high-stress scenarios such as an automated mode triggering sensor data request based on geographic proximity

A total of $23,000 in prizes will be offered, with potential for follow-on development funding of top submissions.


Prizes will be awarded and announced within 30 days of the challenge closing date.  Prize amounts for this challenge are:

First Place: $10,000

Second Place: $7,000

Third Place: $5,000

Fourth Place: $1,000

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